Power UPS


UPS Systems – Supply, Installation, and Maintenance

The UPS is designed to keep your computing system running for a period of time after a power disruption. This enables the system to be shut down safely.
There are three types of UPS systems, which are designed for different applications.

  • Offline UPS / Standby UPS – HOME OFFICE
  • Line-Interactive UPS – CORPORATE
  • Online UPS / Double Conversion – INDUSTRIAL

Preventative Maintenance support includes:

  • One or Two comprehensive examinations of internal and external operating parameters
  • After hours inspections can be included in the Preventative support plan
  • Calibration of all metering and protective features if required
  • Functional testing of all transfer conditions
  • Inspection of online performance of the equipment with load
  • Written evaluation providing you with a historical record of your equipment performance
  • Review of alarm states, history, and upgrade status
  • Visual check on batteries and battery environment