Mechanical Ventilation

Spinel Dynamics Group offers services for a wide range of mechanical ventilation systems in Nairobi and the wider East Africa region. We serve commercial, industrial, and residential clients. We design ventilation systems to suit various customer needs, including:

  • Kitchen hood extractors
  • Supply and exhaust fans
  • Air handling systems
  • Extractor fans

We also offer the erection of mild, galvanized, and stainless duct work systems to HVCA standards to suit clients’ needs and specifications. We supply and install complete ventilation systems to HVCA standards and/or client specifications, as well as offer specialized repair services for mechanical ventilation systems in Kenya.

A variety of mechanical ventilation systems are available to choose from, based on the needs of the client. Spot ventilation fans are used for kitchens and bathrooms to remove concentrated moisture and odors from the room through the installation of kitchen hood extractors.

Some of the ventilation systems we offer include:

  • Supply ventilation systems: Fresh air is drawn in through an air vent and distributed to multiple rooms by a fan and duct system. A dedicated fan and set of ducts can be used for ventilation only, or an outside air intake can be connected to the main return air duct, allowing the heating and cooling system’s fan and ducts to distribute the fresh air.


  • Exhaust ventilation systems: Indoor air is continuously exhausted to the outdoors with one or more fans, often located in bathrooms.


  • Balanced ventilation systems: Equal quantities of air are brought into and sent out of the home. This is done through the use of two fans, one that brings in fresh air and another that sends indoor air out.


  • Extractor fans: Extractor fans are a functional and practical solution for controlling excess humidity, smoke, heat removal, or unwanted odors in your premises. An extractor fan is easy to fit and can be placed in a bathroom or kitchen. Extractor fans with light fixtures are also available to disguise the fan, making it less obvious.

The brands we represent include: